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Electric Film is a Romanian private company with an experience of over 18 years, which offers complete design, manufacturing and full commissioning service, producing control systems (SCADA) to the precise client requirements and specification.

Versatility, reliability and our personal service has enabled us to develop strong working relationships with companies who own important positions in global hierarchy of producers from Automation industry.

Electric Film
Software SCADA

Our main activity is software development.

We offer a wide range of “turnkey” solutions in automation field for monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure, weight or other parameters converted in electrical signals and we are ready to extend the features of our applications upon clients need.
We use Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET Framework technologies as well as relational databases like MySQL and Firebird. We produced a highly reliable software that is scalable and have reduced costs for our customers.
We accept any challenges in software development from domains similar to automation like: CRM, ERP, web site programming or e-commerce.

Automate programabile in Basic si C

We are integrators of systems and resellers for the entire product range made by Tibbo Technology for automation from serial-Ethernet programmable converters to PLC programmable automatons with complex functions.
Based on the concept of modularity and thus allowing the optimal configuration of the systems, the programmable automatics offered through the Taiwanese manufacturer compete and exceed the vast majority of the manufacturers established in Romania.
We offer our beneficiaries the possibility of purchasing a complete, competitive system for a complex SCADA network.
By controlling the entire chain, both software and hardware, our customers can benefit from automation with functional modules that harmonize perfectly with each other, are flexible, scalable for further development and adequate technical support.

Monitorizare temperatura si umiditate cu senzori pe cablu RS485
Termodiagrama auto

We produce temperature recorders with thermal printer for monitoring the transport of goods with temperature controls.

Special Product! The most convenient temperature or temperature and humidity recorder, with the simplest thermal printer for thermal thermograms!

Imprimanta termica cu inregistrator temperatura


KINCO: interfete om-masina HMI, PLC, automatizari industriale
AZ Instrument - instrumente de masura pentru temperatura umiditate presiune CO2 viteza aer
Tibbo: module IoT programabile, convertoare serial-Ethernet programabile, pentru Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
ROmedic - Catalog cabinete, clinici si firme medicale
SystemBase - Convertoare seriale, Device server Ethernet RS232 RS485 RS422
Trenz Electronic - producator module de achizitie de date si procesare de semnal bazate pe FPGA  Xilinx
Trycom Technology Ltd : convertoare industriale de comunicatie, module convertoare analogice, module remote RS485

January, 2020

We have launched the site dedicated to temperature and humidity monitoring where we present both the products of the suppliers and the line of IP monitoring modules made by Electric Film.

February, 2019

We produce IP modules for remote temperature and humidity monitoring with Modbus RS485 cable sensors, WiFi sensors or I2C serial sensors.

October, 2017

We produce the temperature recorder with thermal printer. A NEW ROMANIAN product that ensures the quality of food and perishable goods during TRANSPORT widely used in Romania.

February, 2016

We have launched the SCADA automation solutions site where we present both solutions developed on the platforms of TPS (Tibbo) and Kinco suppliers as well as our own products.

November, 2015

We distribute KINCO Electronic products. KINCO Product Range: Human Machine Interface (HMI) - Industrial Operator Panels with Different Features: Display Size: 4.3 "to 15" Narrow Touch Screen Multiple Ethernet Support Serial Ports FieldBus Communication Ports USB Host Input Video Interface PAL Audio Port

February, 2014

We come to support our clients with a new site of technical articles with detailed recommendations, accompanied by films presented on the youtube channel here:

 August, 2012

We distribute Trenz Electronic products.
Trenz Electronic has been producing since 2000 modules of high speed data acquisition and signal processing based on Xilinx FPGA.

January, 2011

Electric Film became a distributor and integrator in Romania for. Device Ethernet servers, development modules, serial converters, programmable Ethernet modules with Basic, industrial converters with WiFi or GPRS from Tibbo Technology.
The product line also includes Tibbo AggreGate, a software solution for managing devices equipped with Tibbo modules.

April 1st, 2010

We are pleased to announce that we are distributing SystemBase Co. Ltd products.
SystemBase is a leading developer & manufacturer of serial communication networking devices

March 1st, 2009

We are pleased to announce that we are distributing SystemBase Co. Ltd products.
SystemBase is a leading developer & manufacturer of serial communication networking devices

April 1st, 2008

We are pleased to announce that we are now a distributor for Trycom Technology Co Ltd products.
Trycom Technology Co., Ltd is one of the major suppliers of industrial communication converters and digital Input / Output RS-485 modules.

February 1st, 2008

Electric Film signed the Agreement with EZAutomation, Division of Autotech Technologies (USA) having role of system integrator reseller for a wide range of equipment for Industrial automation: programable controllers (PLC), touch-panels HMI, led displays, PLS, rotary encoders and more.

December  22, 2007

Even though we operated since the beginning in Bucharest, Electric Film has moved starting with 2008 in a new location in Cluj.

Nowadays, Cluj-Napoca is Romania's second largest city and an important industrial, cultural and academic center as well as a crossroad of communication with road, rail and air links.
Cluj is attracting huge amounts of foreign direct investment. Nokia has recently invested €200 million Euros in a production R&D facility. General Motors is also currently setting up a center here.


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